Hi, I am Albert.

I am a lead developer and principal surveyor at The Scan Station, a laser scanning, photogrammetry, aerial surveys, and robotics.


My clients often need high-quality inspection footage of challenging-to-reach assets in the energy and industry sectors. I focus on developing technology that enables the relevant stakeholders to have different views on the problem. Drone and robotics technology play a big part in my day-to-day work.


The Scan Station: working with drones

My working time is spent flying drones or working on software solutions related to drone applications, including:

  • I designed and maintained a full-stack MERN product to help our clients get the most out of our 3D point cloud and photography data. The result helped The Scan Station to expand its client base and contributed to its doubling in annual revenue;
  • An array of Python scripts to automate drone data processing and delivery pipeline, which resulted in over 280 engineering hours saved this year and
  • Bespoke visualisation tools for some of our large-scale clients, integrating geospatial data for improved asset management. These tools have enabled the delivery of two large-scale projects in southern Iraq two months ahead of schedule.

RSK: working with numbers

Flying drones and programming websites is something relatively new to me. In the past, I worked as an acoustic consultant at RSK, one of the world's fastest-growing environmental consultancies. 

I love observing natural objects like vibrating industrial equipment or a 50t piling rig. The physical vibration and noise can be captured and analysed, and predictions can be made about future levels. These predictions help engineers make processes more efficient and ultimately improve the future. Reporting, descriptive graphs and standardisation are critical armaments in an acoustic consultant arsenal. The data analysis part of my stint as an acoustical consultant opened my eyes to various data processing and manipulation techniques.


I love reading, helping others with technical work and researching tech. 

Some of my hobbies include:

  • Learning about machine learning and automation with Python;
  • Playing with Raspberry Pi;
  • CAD design;
  • 3D printing; 
  • Racing FPV Drones;
  • Bouldering; and
  • Tinkering and riding motorbikes.